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Heated Car Seat Cushions

heated car seat cushions

    seat cushions

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heated car seat cushions – Wagan IN9738-5

Wagan IN9738-5 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Enhanced Durability and 3-Way Temperature Control Switch
Wagan IN9738-5 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Enhanced Durability and 3-Way Temperature Control Switch
Wagan Heated Seat Cushion provides warmth and comfort. Perfect for cold weather driving. Provides soothing heat for tired and sore muscles. High/low/off switch allows you to control the heat setting. Simply plug it into your vehicle’s 12 volt DC outlet to use. Made of polyester. DC cord is 4.3 feet. Straps secure it to the back of your seat and hold it in place. Universal fit for most cars, trucks, RVs and boats. Light and portable so it is convenient to take from one car to another. Enjoy soothing heat in the comfort of your vehicle. An optional AC adapter is available for home and office use (Wagan item number 9903 AC adapter).

The Wagan IN9738-5 Heated Seat Cushion provides warmth and comfort, perfect for keeping both drivers and passengers comfortable during cold weather driving conditions. This heated seat cushion is made of durable polyester and provides in-car warmth suitable both for keeping the chill of winter at bay, as well as soothing tired and sore muscles on long drives. It is also extremely easy to use. Powered by DC current, using the included cigarette lighter style power adapter, simply plug into your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet via the unit’s 4.3-foot power cord and use the convenient high/low/off switch to control the heat setting according to your preference.*
Front view of the Wagan IN9738-5 Heated Seat Cushion showing the DC power adapter
Comfortable yet durable Polyester design with convenient DC powered heat.
View larger.
Although primarily intended for front seat use on the driver’s and/or passenger side, the cushion can be used with any standard, stand-alone car seat with access to a DC power outlet or a portable DC power source. It is held securely in place with plastic straps and hooks attached to the back of the cushion and utilizes a universal sizing, making it a suitable fit for almost any consumer or commercial vehicle. The cushion is also light and portable, so it is easy and convenient to move from seat to seat, or from one car to another. You can also use this cushion in your home or office with the optional AC adapter (Wagan item #9903).
Updated More Durable Design
Effective from the November 2010 shipment, The Wagan IN9738-5 Heated Seat Cushion has been updated and improved. The main improvement for the cushion includes attaching the cord more securely to the cushion. A stronger type of material is now used between the cushion layers to significantly reduce the movement of the heating cord that runs throughout the cushion. In addition, extra fabric between the cushion layers on both sides in the middle part of the cushion reinforces the cord placement, which is the area that receives the most use. This provides your cushion with improved durability and a longer lifetime for you to enjoy using it.
Heated seat cushion for immediate warmth in the winter season
Temperature control with high and low settings
Power ON indicator light
New construction and materials provides improved durability and cord security to cushion
Automatic shutoff feature to avoid overheating
Made with cushy, high quality, quilted nylon materials
Draws power from your vehicle’s 12-volt DC/cigarette outlet via included adapter and power cord
An optional AC adapter is available for home and office use (Wagan item number 9903 AC adapter)
What’s in the Box
Wagan IN9738-5 12-volt Heated Seat Cushion (36″ x 17.5″), 4.3 ft power cord with inline 12-volt/cigarette lighter DC adapter.
The Wagan IN9738-5 Heated Seat Cushion installed on passenger side with straps
Easy installation and adjustment.
View larger. The inline tempertaure control switch built into the Wagan IN9738-5 Heated Seat Cushion
Inline dual heat settings.
View larger.
Limited Warranty
Wagan offers a one-year limited warranty on defective items only. Customers have 1 year from the date of purchase to submit their warranty claim to the Wagan customer service department, with valid proof of purchase required to activate any warranty. Additional warranty details are listed on the insert card that is shipped with your purchase.
About Wagan
Wagan Corporation is in the business of high-tech automotive accessories. They are committed to delivering products that support the needs of today’s and future fast-paced lifestyles with comfort and convenience.
Wagan Corporation began production in the automotive accessory market with simpler items, eventually transitioning to more innovative products for laptops, cellular phones, travel, and mobile accessory segments. They design and focus their products to support the lifestyle of “people-on-the-go.” Wagan Corporation is able to use economics of scale to offer consistently reasonable prices to develop long term relationships with retailers, and as a global supplier of automotive accessory products, quality and customer satisfaction are always their top priorities.
*Caution: Unplug cushion from 12-volt outlet when not in use.

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ObusForme Heated Car Seat Cushion

ObusForme Heated Car Seat Cushion
The Obus Forme Heated Car Seat Cushion(Formerly the Obus 93)provides the comfort of soothing heat to your lower back and thighs for a luxurious driving experience. The deluxe seat cushions stylish lines and attractive design complement any setting. Soothing heat relaxes the muscles of your lower back and thighs, encouraging circulation and helping to reduce the tension and fatigue associated with long drives. The auto seat cushion comes ready to use with a car adapter for your vehicle. The Obus Forme Heated Car Seat Cushion can also be used at home. Just place the deluxe seat cushion on your favorite recliner at the end of a long day and feel the tension simply melt away!

Siatsu Car Seat Massager

Siatsu Car Seat Massager
This portable car seat massager is designed with multiple functions for any car seat, office chair or home sofa. It has seven motors that massage the neck, back,hips and thighs. Simply strap this massage pad to your chair and it gently cushions and supports your back for a comfortable ride. The gentle vibrations will ease your tense muscles, allowing you to feel relaxed while you drive or work. The new heat therapy feature will help soothe your body! A convenient hand-held remote lets you select target areas where you need a massage, and choose the vibration speed according to your preference

heated car seat cushions

Trillium TWI-1603 12V Heated Back and Bottom Seat Cushion
Trillium Worldwide’s 12-volt heated seat cushion warms your back and bottom and is perfect for cold weather and winter driving. Soothing heat in your back and bottom helps to maintain your metabolism and to steady blood circulation. Soft, polyester fabric provides comfort and is easy to clean. Simply plug the 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter into any 12-volt outlet and the cushion warms up immediately. Temperature control switch can be set to either to high, low or off. Maintains temperature between 110 and 120 degrees. Includes a power cord that is connected to the cushion.